We are Calderdale's leading demolition contractor

We began as a demolition contractor in Brighouse in the late 1990's. Over the years we have set a new, high standard and work as consultants, solving our clients’ problems. As a result we have developed an impressive client base, conducting and completing a mixture of projects. However not only do we have an amazing reputation as a demolition contractor in Brighouse or Calderdale but our reach has spread nationwide completing projects all across the UK. Today we continue to build on that legacy and strive for excellence at everything we do. Our diverse project portfolio has been developed from a broad client base across a multitude of market sectors. This varied experience gives us an extensive knowledge base which allows an innovative approach; enabling the successful completion of challenging and complex projects. We are a quality-focused national specialist demolition contractor committed to excellence across all areas of our business, none more so than our Health, Safety and Environmental performance. We are building enduring, value-based relationships with our customers and partners, based on a clear understanding of their challenges and how we solve them together.

Our culture

“At Calderdale Demolition, our Culture is really important to us. As we expand and evolve, we strive to ensure that the heart of the business remains ever-consistent. We are proud of the identity that we have established for ourselves, and no matter how Calderdale Demolition Advances we do not want to lose that which made us who and what we are, and that which has served us so well since 1997” ~ Mr.Higham - Director of Calderdale Demolition Ltd.


We are aware, not only of global concerns, but more particularly those of our own local environment. As members of the community, we also share its concerns and will make every effort to ensure that we minimise any adverse effects our operations may have on the environment. We will achieve this commitment of safeguarding the environment by following all existing legislation and provide training to employees to support this.

Health + Safety

Calderdale Demolition recognise Health & Safety as being the responsibility of the Directors of the Company and ranks equally with responsibilities for production, costs and similar matters. The Directors will ensure that everything reasonably practicable will be done to prevent accidents and incidents by providing suitable resources, time and effort to control all work activities.


Calderdale Demolition are dedicated to providing the highest possible standards of quality for its services and products and are dedicated to maintaining a quality management system which ensures that its services and products meet customer specification within agreed parameters of Cost, Quality and Completion. The company holds UKAS certified ISO’s to ensure compliance with legislation and quality.

Calderdale Demolition of a house in the woods
Calderdale Demolition of a house in the woods